The Marvel movies are a massive phenomenon that many film franchises are trying to copy, but they do one thing better than anyone else that's worth talking about. Malcolm Nygard breaks down the concept of scale, and how it pertains to building an empire one fictional brick at a time.

All Marvel music used for review purposes. Additional scoring by Jon Biegen.

Theme music by ept.

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Malcolm and Justin reunite for their first collaboration in a long time. This one is a shared favorite, and one that gets a lot of hate. Final Fantasy XIII has a lot of strategy depth to offer, and the hosts make their case for why it's one of the most advanced systems of the modern era.

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All music from Final Fantasy XIII by Masashi Hamauzu used for review purposes

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Everyone knows the Jaws music. Or they think they do. Chances are they just know two notes. Malcolm Nygard braves the water to do a shallow dive into the rest of John Williams' great score, showing you how intertwined it is to the film's success.

All John Williams music from Jaws and Jurassic Park used lovingly for review purposes.

Theme music by ept.

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Prequels are hard to make. Host Malcolm Nygard takes you through all the challenges involved, and why Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is such a successful one. Learn what makes Star Wars great and why adding to it is a good thing.

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All music from Rogue One, Star Wars, and The Godfather used for review purposes.

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In this episode, Justin Vignola explains what dopamine is and how it works, and he uses the video game Warframe as an example of how video games exploit dopamine production in players to keep them playing longer.


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All music from "Warframe" used for review purposes

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Founder Malcolm Nygard welcomes you to our relaunched network and brand new Content Channel. Learn a little about what kinds of things to expect from the four new mini shows on the channel.

Film Machine

Game Machine

Life Machine

Story Machine


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"Paash's Enlightenment" by AsaArcade, used with permission

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