It's us. The podcasters you maybe know and maybe love who are maybe on hiatus? 

We couldn't stay away. We've got catching up to do oh, and did I mention, WE WATCHED HUSTLERS!?!?

Happy Haloween, Family! 

☠️Many, many thank boos and thank yous to Jon Biegen for producing this hauntingly beautiful rendition of the Falling in Love Montage Theme Song.🖤You guys, you can hire him!!!

If you have the taste for spooky, thematically appropriate episodes please enjoy any of these episodes: 

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If you're reading this, that means you've found our, err "August episode". Would you believe it, we said Pants so many times it took just forever to edit all of those Plosives. 🤷🏻‍♀️

But hey, it's September and we're with special af guest Lauren DeBlasi Jackson talking about a movie that rates so high on the chick flick checklist, it needs its own subgenre. 

In fact, join us in our facebook group to workshop this generic title. 

If you've never tried on the pants, you can stream both the first and second Traveling Pants movies on US Netflix*.

*as of the time of this release, which is definitely in August 😅 



 Welcome to our Love Simon episode or as I like to call it, after listening back to it, our Veronica Mars - Alvin and the Chipmunks episode. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Directed by Greg Berlanti, this adaptation of Becky Albertalli's 'Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda' breathes new life into the coming of age romantic comedy. 

We can't stress enough how much we need more films with diverse stories and characters. ❣️more ❣️more ❣️more 

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Happy 30th Anniversary, Steel Magnolias

We did it! We crossed another "weepy" off the list. Whew!

There was no shortage of tear emojis in our notes just as there are no shortage of bad puns in this episode. We even find time to praise and/or objectify the late, great Sam Shepard. Women really can have it all!




By popular demand request and because Eddie Albert tells us, "it's always open season on princesses", we talk Roman Holiday with special af guest Millie De Chirico of Turner Classic Movies and TCM Underground. 


Find Millie at @milliedechirico and programming awesome shit for @TCMUnderground

Thank you to Greg for sharing Woke Harry Met Sally in our facebook group. [written by Amanda Recupido] 

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Happy Birthday month, Helen! 🎈

Valerie, Helen, and special guest, Tim Hulsizer talk about PJ Hogan's 1994 Australian comedy-drama film, Muriel's Wedding. Tim Simms couldn't make it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hello, Murial! Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

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By unpopular demand, we close out Marchden (or Marsden March) with The Best of Me, the film (a) critic has called, "…a contrived manipulation and an insult to female sensibilities."

Written by suspected anti-Semite Nicholas Sparks and filmed in the breathtaking bayou, we try to love this movie with the oppressive sincerity of "lucky roughneck" Dawson Cole (Marsden). It's a miracle.

Big news guys, it's our first Katherine Heigl movie—and also—our first James Marsden movie! Is this serendipity or a highly contrived plot similar to that of 2008's 27 Dresses
Either way Marsden March is here or James Marchden or whatever silly name we want to call it

Download now for your ticket to the tadifa ghetto 😏

Check out Flying Machine's blog featuring a new post by sweetheart of the podcast Ryan Lynch, 33 And 1/3 Under 45: Track Eight: Marry Me




Valerie and Helen took to the theater this month (with friends, yes they have some) to watch 2019's What Men Want

All of their secret thoughts about the film are contained within this episode. So, if you can't read our minds, you may have to listen - which, coincidentally, is also the theme of the film. 


Thank you for your continued support. Falling in Love Montage podcast turned three this month! 🎉


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Watch a weird video Valerie made about men's knees 😬

Happy January! We couldn't be more thrilled to pop the lid on 2019 with the discussion of this film, based on the first in a trilogy of books by Kevin Kwan and directed by sweetheart of the podcast, Jon M. Chu.  We're talking Crazy Rich Asians y'all! (I can say y'all, I live in Atlanta where it is definitely not snowing).


More things we want to share: 

We co-hosted part 3 of Darren Husted's amazing limited series 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Episodes':

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Wanna see Ryan Hansen being his best Ryan Hansen? 


It's possibly our most-favorite (and most-referenced) movie, and we're going to try our butts off to convince ourselves and y'all that it's maybe a chick flick. We're talking about Heathers. 

Joining us for this intellectual croquet match is Phil Gonzales of Deep in Bear Country: A Berenstain Bearcast, It's Del Toro Time!, and Klickitcast: A Beverly Cleary Podcast. Phil uses his podcasting expertise -- and general ability to f*** with the eagles -- to help us pull this high school black comedy apart, and to keep us on track by reminding us that we gotta motor if we're gonna be ready to publish this episode in 2018.

Happy Heathersdays, FiLM Buffs.

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a -- hey wow, we published an episode; I can scarcely believe it!

We've wanted to talk about The Family Stone for as long as we've had this platform, so when Elle Riccardi -- of Handbook Podcast; Flying Machine's own Short, Colorful and Loud; and our episode on The Wedding Planner -- asked if we'd ever considered covering The Family Stone, we shouted, "OMG, yes!!" so loud that we knocked her off her feet from 1000 or so miles away. 

And similarly, on a dozenth-ish viewing, The Family Stone knocked us off our feet, and we step all over ourselves trying to explain our love for this not-completely-unproblematic holiday movie. 

Merry Christmas and stuff, from our smug family to yours.

If you woke up today thinking, I would like to hear Helen, Valerie, and Amy talk even more about John Hughes' Some Kind of Wonderful, than wow, are you lucky! 

But hey, let's all take a minute to remember how lucky we are if we woke up today at all. I love you!

"I think it's hip that you paint. I think it's hip that I drum. And it's perfect that we're friends." - Watts 

Listeners, we think it's hip that you listen. We think it's hip that we FINALLY released this episode. And it's perfect that we all LOVE Some Kind of Wonderful

After years of friendship, we finally courted Amy Pascal. We didn't paint her portrait, or take her to the Hollywood Bowl, or spend our college savings on her, but we did ask her to reschedule with us at least a half dozen times so you know her love is true. Amy Pascal is our kind of WONDERFUL and we learn more about this film talking to her than we've learned in any of our gazillionty viewings. 

Find more from Amy Pascal at and on Twitter & Facebook.  

Just in time for the end of Daylight Saving Time, we bring you our last spoopy Halloween chick flick offering -- Hocus Pocus, a.k.a. Vanessa Hudgens's Rocky Horror Picture Show

FiLM threepeat all-stars Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker put a spell on you in 1993, and we attempt to do the same for 90 minutes, here in 2018. So come, listener, let us take you away, into a land of enchantment or whatever. Happy 25th birthday, Hocus Pocus, and happy Halloween, listeners!

We're Mad-Ern-Hel, and we're not going to take [not having covered Death Becomes Her] anymore! 

Yes, the queens of youth and beauty you know and tolerate are finally tackling the queens of youth and beauty you know and love, and we (re)watched 1992's Death Becomes Her, in which Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn seriously put at least one of the Fs in "BFF."

A couple of corrections:
- Zelda from Pet Sematary has spinal meningitis, not scoliosis.
- We talk briefly about "Kevin Williams" style dialog. We are actually referring to Kevin Williamson, creator of Dawson's Creek and writer of Scream.

We don't have a guest this time, but we give massive shout-outs to our sweethearts Ryan and Ariel, who got married last week. If you click all of these links, you'll find all of Ryan's many shows:

We've assembled the team, we've got the know-how, we've rented the disc from Redbox, and we're ready to blow this thing wide open. 

Fearless leader of the Flying Machine network and Ocean's [Numeral] fanboy Malcolm Nygard is back to talk with us about the 2018 female-fronted heist movie and whether (Danny Ocean's) sisters are really doin' it for themselves. And by "doin'," I mean stealing, and by "it," I mean tens of millions of dollars' worth of jewels.

You can hear more from Malcolm on the Flying Machine Content Channel

What do Batman, E from Entourage, Rachel Green, Black Widow, the Hangover guy, Officer Hopps, the Mac, and Academy Award-winning actor Jennifer Connelly have in common? 
They are all in this movie that we're just not that into, spoilers! 😉



The long-anticipated cross-over episode is here! Okay, it's not technically a cross-over, maybe it's just an episode we've been dying* to do with a guest we've been dying to have.

Lawrence Kasdan's 1999 Mumford offers no exception to deception and this entire character-driven comedy/drama/maybe chick-flick(?) hinges on one man's lie. Here to help us interrogate this movie is the mayor of Liar City and my** best friend, Brian Flanagan. 

Prepare for more conflict in the episode than the movie. Sisters Helen and Valerie, wait for it, have strong and different opinions about this film!?!?! WHAT!?!?!

Helen describes Dr. Mumford as a "lovable fraud" and Valerie applauds him for demonstrating that generally, the nicest thing you can do for someone is listen to them. 

☝🏻That's a suggestion folks, you should listen to us 😉


*No podcasters actually died during or for this episode
** Who's that girl? It's Jess Valerie!


Are you looking for 💌 Binder Boys with Helen LaStar on Best Acquaintances?