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Second Network Playlist

Due to its middling popularity, we all put our heads together to think of how to assemble another Spotify playlist, as a group. And the bigger the group, the harder to decide on anything. Like taking a van to Blockbuster in the old days. People habitually shot down music genres, mood […]

Writers’ Week: Helen LaStar

As a hopefully fitting end to Writers’ Week here at Comrade Radio, I bring you a story of endings. As a writer on the internet, I tend towards memoir. As a person in the physical world, I tend towards hoarding. In 2010 I opted to flaunt both of these things, […]

Writers’ Week: Sly Krapa

The book I’ll be featuring for writer’s week is my first full-length completed graphic novel, The Smoke Man. The Smoke Man is a noir comic about a masked vigilante who appears and vanishes in clouds of thick white gas. This vigilante has begun to appear in unpredictable times and places […]

Writers’ Week: Jim Banks

Hey, buds. Look at us, living to see another Thursday in May and, as an added bonus, getting to experience even more content from some of our favorite Comrade Radio hosts! It’s Writers’ Week! Food still tastes good! Dogs are still fun to pet! If it’s your thing, go ahead […]