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Much Ado About Misogyny: Shakespeare’s Worst Villain and the Role of Male Allies

by guest author, Lauren DeBlasi Jackson My 11th grade English teacher beat books to death. I don’t blame her for it. Now a teacher myself, I know she was paid peanuts for an almost ten-hour work day, she had to

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33 And 1/3 Under 45: Track Nine: Diamonds And Pearls

Love say “Take my hand, it’ll be alright. C’mon, save your soul tonight.” I had a really hard time picking what album to cover this month and kept putting it off. But then I fell down an unexpected rabbit hole

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Limit Broken: How Final Fantasy 7 Ruined My Life for the Better

By guest writer Matt Jorgenson. A lot of things had to go wrong in order for me to play Final Fantasy VII at the precise time for it to have as huge an impact on my life as it did.

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