Static Screams – S1E15 “Three”

Ever since I started the “Tales from the Static” podcast last fall, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this episode of Static Screams. See, a few years ago I wanted to practice laying out a comic book story. More than that, I challenged myself to make the action clear without the benefit of text. While looking […]

Ten Apoc Radio Episodes to Hear Before You Die (In an Apocalypse)

So let’s say there’s an apocalypse coming. You never really know, anyway. I know all of us like to imagine we’d be the lucky ones, making the best of our new grunge fashion styles and our lightly smudged glow that still makes us movie attractive, but statistics say we wouldn’t […]

Batman v. Work Ethic

  WAYNE MANOR, MASTER BEDROOM, 2:00 PM Alfred: Good afternoon, Master Bruce. I have your “wakeup” smoothie and your newspaper. Batman: S’too early. Alfred: Yes, I know, sir, but last night you’ll remember you asked me to wake you early because you wanted to spend the day writing. Batman: Oh. […]

Five Beautiful Disney Songs You Forgot Existed

The best way I can think of starting a piece is with common ground. So let’s face it. We all grew up with this stuff. Everyone has their specific three or four that were the constant wallpaper to their childhood, but at the least we’ve seen most of the collection. […]